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A year on… understanding the Foreign Subsidies Regulation


During this webinar, Schellion Horn (Partner at Grant Thornton UK LLP) will delve into the intricacies and impact of the Foreign Subsidies Regulation, one year since its inception. This webinar will unpack the complexities of the regulation, which was introduced to level the playing field in the EU market by addressing the distortive effects of foreign subsidies. We'll explore how it has influenced cross-border trade, the regulatory challenges it poses, and the practical implications for businesses operating within the EU's borders.



  • The objectives of the foreign subsidies regulations (FSR)

  • The scope of the FSR

  • Process for determining whether it is a subsidy within the definition of the FSR

  • Complying with FSRs



Schellion Horn

Partner at Grant Thornton UK LLP

Schellion Horn 

Schellion is a partner leading Grant Thornton’s economic consulting team. A postgraduate economist by training, she has over 20 years of experience providing regulatory and competition economic advice, including expert testimony.

She advises clients and provide expertise in a range of industries, although she has a particular interest in regulated industries. Her clients include public sector entities and corporates and I often work alongside legal advisors on contentious matters and she works in the UK and internationally.

Schellion has a particular interest in trade and subsidy control. She has advised government, corporates and their legal advisors on state aid matters and those under the UK’s subsidy control act. The recent foreign subsidy control legislation extends Schellion’s advice further.

Schellion is co-editor of the UK’s state aid news letter (the Subsidy Control Insider) and has recently been appointed as Economist Member of the Upper Tribunal (tax and chancery) where she focusses on appeals involving the Trade Remedies Authority.

Schellion is also passionate about diversity and inclusion. She is a steering group member of Equal Representation for Experts (ERE) and a Professional Champion of Discover Economics (Royal Economics Society).

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